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May - some good and some bad

After the wonderful Spring Meeting at Denham at the start of the month, the Society was back on the road for 4 great fixtures in different areas of the country. A fifth scheduled match - against our friends at Radcliffe On Trent Golf Club - was sadly lost to the weather as heavy rains turned some fairways into rivers and bunkers into ponds!

Our match against Worksop, the following day, did go ahead and the result was something of a turn-up for the books as the Society recorded a rare victory over our hosts, much to the delight of Match Manager and Worksop member, Roy Dexter. The result is determined by aggregating the better ball Stableford scores from all 6 matches and with some stellar performances, the County Cricketers prevailed. The course was in superb condition (as it always is) and once again presented a stiff challenge but Roy's team was up tothe challenge and won by 26 points - a significant margin. The team was : Roy Dexter, Guy McDonnell, Barry Dudleston, Steve Mee, Neil Hartley, Barrie Leadbeatter, Graham Monkhouse, Darren Bicknell, Jon Hardy, Kevin Evans, Simon Robinson and Chris Goldie.

The fixture against the men of West Sussex had originally been lost to the March rains so we were delighted that it could be played in May instead. We did not fare so well on the course, losing the match 5.5. to 2.5 but enjoyed a wonderful welcome throughout the day. The course at Pulborough was as gorgeous as ever, the food magnificent and the members charming. Our team at West Sussex was Guy McDonnell, TimWren, Jon Hardy, Neil Burns, Tony Pigott, Ted Rose, Melville Guest and John Shepherd.

Neil Smith led our side at Edgbaston and the match started just before the rain stopped to leave a lovely afternoon on this superb golf course. Sadly, we lost the match 5.5 to 1.5 despite an early win from Messers Smith and Ashley Giles and a hard-earned half from Geoff Humpage and Martyn Bayley who came back from 3 down. However, the rest went down and the match was lost. The result however is only part of it and the hospitality given to us by the lovely members of Edgbaston was wonderful. Our team at Edgbaston was : Neil Smith, Ashley Giles, Geoff Humpage, Martyn Bayley, Adrian Pierson, Geoff Tedstone, Grant Thornton, Michael Powell, Gladstone Small, Alan Donald, Steve Rhodes and Tim Munton.

The final match in May was against the MCC Golf Society at Denham. This was a closer affair but not that close as we lost 7/5 after 18 holes of 4BBB in the morning and 9 holes of Greensomes in the afternoon. Denham was superb in every way. The course was lovely, the food exemplary and the camaraderie between the two sides exceptional. Next year, when it is our home match, Manager Andy Needham has suggested that we play off the back tees to counter some interesting MCC handicaps! Our team at Denham was Andy Needham, Guy McDonnell, Neil Burns, Bill Merry, Chris Goldie, Paul McMahon, Nigel Ross, Neil Sargent, Ian Hodgson, Malcolm Roberts, Mike Selvey and Gordon Harris.

So May comes to a close and what a great month of CCGS golf we have enjoyed. The results may not have gone our way overall but every match was a pleasure to participate in. We move into June with more great fixtures to look forward to in various parts of the country.


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