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Another special day at the Berkshire

Society Chair Tony "Lester"Pigott took charge of our annual fixture against the men of the Berkshire and has sent through this report: I replaced the President who was missed as match manager of such a great fixture. Our visit to the Berkshire is one of our oldest, dating back to the Forties. It is a very special club. Heavy rain meant that the courses were not at their best but, in truth, we were lucky to be playing at all as the courses had been closed the day before.

My team were brilliant on and off the course and it was agreed at lunch (which was superb as always) that the 3/3 draw on the Red Course in the morning would be the match result. However we won all 3 matches after lunch on the Blue so perhaps victory was ours overall!

We are so lucky to have so many great fixtures, playing against so many wonderful people whose hospitality and friendship are always exceptional. The Berkshire is up there as one of the very best! Our thanks to the Club, the members and the staff who were fantastic all day.

Look forward to seeing you all soon. Its not too late to sign up for the Spring Meeting on 4th May at Denham!

Our team at the Berkshire was : Tony Pigott, Roy Dexter, John Shepherd, Neil Burns, Nigel Ross, Julian Thompson, Tim Wren, Bill Merry, Mark Feltham, Nick Pocock, Jon Hardy and Wayne Osman.


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