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A nip in the air but a warmth in the welcome

2 years ago, the Society gathered at Walton Heath as the first warnings about a certain virus were beginning to circulate. We bumped elbows, laughed about it and enjoyed an excellent day in the company of some wonderful friend and opponents. Little did we know then that it would be 2 years before we would return for the next encounter.

But return we did and what a wonderful day was enjoyed by all as 14 members of the CCGS took on the members of Walton Heath, under the management of our Chairman Tony Pigott. The course was, understandably wet, the wind blew and there was a definite chill in the air but that did not detract from the enjoyment of all involved.

The match - foursome on the New Course in the morning and the Old Course in the afternoon - was fiercely contested but as always played very much in the right spirit. The result was a resounding win for the home side - 10/4 - with the Society not having the best of mornings. 6/1 down at lunch - which as always was magnificent - the Society rallied slightly in the afternoon but our hosts were too good for us in the end.

Our thanks as always to the members of Walton Heath for their hospitality. Days like these remind us all how lucky we are to be members of the CCGS and have access to so many fantastic golf courses, and their most hospitable members, over our season.

The CCGS team was : Tony Pigott, Neil Burns, Bryan Richardson, Richard Baker, Nigel Ross, Stuart Waterton, Darren Stevens, Neil Lenham, Tim Wren, Julian Thompson, Steve O'Shaughnessy, Guy McDonnell, Mark Feltham & Chris Goldie.


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