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A message from tony pigott

I made my debut for the Society back in 1998 at Royal Worlington, a year after finishing my professional playing career. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but looking back now, it was the start of more than 20 years of fun, friendship and many, many great memories.


What struck me immediately was how our Society is truly representative of the cricket family that has been such a huge part of my life since I was a youngster starting out at Sussex in the late 70’s. Celebrated Test players – not me I hasten to add – teaming up with guys whose careers were not so successful. Former players, in the later years of life, competing alongside youngsters still involved in, or recently out of, the game. Some have gone on to enjoy careers in the media or commerce, others have stayed in the game as umpires, coaches or administrators. The Society in the 21st Century is a melting pot of experiences achievements and great memories and a superb way for us, as cricketers, to come together and revel in each other’s company.


We are blessed by the most amazing fixture list and will always be enormously grateful to the clubs who host us year after year. Not only do these clubs give us the chance to play some of the finest courses in the country, their members are always incredibly welcoming and extremely generous. We enjoy competitive but friendly golf always and, over the last 20 years, I have forged many enduring friendships.


As Chairman, I am determined to help the Society to grow, by recruiting new members of all ages -  in particular those who have recently retired or are still playing professionally. 2020 and 2021 have been very difficult years but I am delighted that we managed to play the majority of our matches in 2021 and welcome our guests to our "Spring" Meeting at Denham (in the Autumn!). We may not have been able to enjoy the full 'package' but we were together, with friends on wonderful courses, and it was great to be back. More than 120 different Society members played at least once and it was fantastic to see so many current players in our teams.  We even managed to win a few of our matches!


We continue to expand our fixture list. The return of our match at Edgbaston in 2021 means that we now have just two first-class counties to go - Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Hopefully, as the world returns to something like normality, we can fulfil our ambition of playing at least one match in every county. 

But I am equally determined that, as we expand, we do not lose sight of our fundamental ethos as cricket’s golf society. We are not now, nor will ever be, driven by celebrity. As members, we each pay our way through a modest annual subscription and the match fees collected at every fixture to cover the great golf and the amazing hospitality that we receive. If you are already a member but haven’t played much in recent years, why not get the clubs out and join us for a match or two. And if you are still playing, or have recently retired, dip your toe in the CCGS water. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.


Let the CCGS be positive this year, all be vaccinated, get back on the Golf course and enjoy our wonderful fixtures when we can, onwards and upwards.

The CCG has a very bright future!




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