County Cricketers Golfing Society

Angus Fraser MBE

Captain 2021


Previous captains of the County Cricketers Golf Society will have stood down at the end of their year at the helm with memories of enjoyable mornings, lunches, afternoons and evenings playing, socialising and dining at many of the finest golf courses in the country. Many a bottle of red wine – and the occasional glass of Kummel - would have been enjoyed listening to embellished tales of feats on the golf course and cricket field.

These memorable occasions were taken away from us all in 2020 by a virus none of us had heard of 12 months ago, and the consequences would have made my year as Captain the most forgettable in CCGS history. It was therefore with gratitude that I accepted the offer of deferring my year as Captain to 2021.

Sat here watching The Dam Busters it is quite hard to predict what 2021 has in store for us. We all hope the return to normality arrives as soon as possible - well before decent golfing weather and the cricket season returns – but a week of hope and optimism tends to be quickly followed by another set of depressing figures and government response.

It has been interesting to see how people have reacted to the Lockdowns we have suffered. Many have predicted that zoom, Microsoft teams and working from home are the way forward, and this is how life, relationships and business will be conducted from now on.

Well I for one certainly hope not.

There are a number of things that 2020 has highlighted to me. The most important being how important it is for our mental and emotional wellbeing to personally interact with other people by spending quality time in each other’s company.

Coronavirus will have affected each and every member of CCGS in 2020 and, sadly, will continue to as we move forward. And this is where the presence of the CCGS becomes ever more important and valuable.

Many people will have felt lonely, depressed and generally fed up with life in 2020, and we all hope that in 2021 we have the opportunity to meet up, socialise and once again have fun by behaving like juveniles.

To have the opportunity to build these relationships I must thank all of the Golf Clubs that host us. We are extremely fortunate to have the fixture list we do and I hope our hosts are looking forward to the days you are due to spend with us as much as we are to seeing yourselves.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as is possible in 2021.

Whatever happens it is sure to be a better year than 2020.


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